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  • The Impossible Campaign?

    The policies that will win the support of party members may well prove to be quite different from those that can win a general election.

  • Pride of Lionesses

    Sadly, I think there can be only one reason why men decry women’s football, and it’s not really the quality or entertainment on show. It’s simply a belief that football is not for women. It’s a misogynistic attitude that belongs in the past and should be consigned to the dustbin of history alongside the FA’s…

  • We’ll All Be Trumped

    Donald Trump, as we have seen first hand here in the north east of Scotland, lacks a number of key human qualities that are essential in a leader, whether of a nation, a free world or a pack.

  • Hillsborough – The Truth At Last

    First Published May 4th 2016 on Last week, the truth – the actual truth – of the Hillsborough tragedy was finally established after 27 years. With it came some kind of justice for the 96 football supporters who lost their lives that day. Sadly this became much more than the tragedy of people not coming…

  • Migrant, Refugee, Human

    In order to show compassion, one first has to have empathy. Empathy should be one of the qualities that sets humans apart. Without it, there is no humanity. This current “migrant crises” has shown that empathy is in short supply.

  • Think You Live In A Free Country?

    First Published November 22nd 2011 on Last week saw US campus police use pepper spray in an attempt to end a patently peaceful student Occupy protest at a University of California campus and New York Police violently evict the Occupy Wall Street camp in Manhattan. We have also learnt that the Metropolitan Police have been given extra…